Prijsopgave Bitcoin € 42,393.71 Voorspelling, koopgrafiek

Citaatprijs Bitcoin € 42,393.71 met een kapitaal € 786.51 B.Voorspelling 6.83% aan, grafiek in realtime

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    Bitcoin (BTC)
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  • 24 uur
  • Marktkapitalisatie
    € 786.51 B.
  • Volume
    € 49.79 B.
  • Beschikbare voorraad
    18.64 M BTC
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Goldman Sachs has relaunched Bitcoin futures trading, and is exploring the possibility of a Bitcoin ETF.

OPINION: What do you do when all your arguments against #Bitcoin have been disproven? You try a new angle of attack that harnesses your antipathy to a hot-button issue everybody cares about. This week: energy could “burst Bitcoin’s bubble.”

via @obi

#Bitcoin is at a "tipping point and we could be at the start of massive transformation of cryptocurrency into the mainstream," according to a recent Citi report.

zkSNACKS and Canadian Bitcoin exchange Bull Bitcoin have teamed up to finance a $40,000 grant awarded to Bitcoin developer Luke Jr.

Bitcoiners of all backgrounds come together for the "Voicepaper" initiative, reciting the Bitcoin white paper one sentence at a time.
featuring @adam3us, @michael_saylor, #WeAreAllSatoshi

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