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BegindatumMaggio 01, 2018
EinddatumDicembre 31, 2020
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A reminder that you can earn passive #income on #Uniswap providing #liquidity for #WSaTT. Get aboard and start earning!

#Staking Reward Details:⬇️
🔸10 days: 2% – Only for the first 50 participants
🔸30 days: 3%
🔸90 days: 10%
🔸180 days: 22%

You probably weren't aware that your favorite celebrity is crypto savvy.

In our "notable icons and #celebrities in #crypto," we covered a list of celebrities who at one time have promoted or issued a #cryptocurrency.

#SaTT #Bitcoin #crypto

ICYMI: It has always been clear to us that a #blockchain project; #decentralized by definition, can't be constrained by a centralized environment.

Onze beslissing om open-source te gaan heeft veel voordelen en stelt #SaTT open voor bijdragen van de gemeenschap.

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Prijs1 SaTT = 0.42 USD verkoop118,000,000 BetaalmethodeETH, BTC, Fiat
minimale investeringN.V.T. distributie28.10% opgehevenN.V.T.
Zachte cap7,560,000 USD moeilijk Cap49,560,000 USD
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