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BegindatumMaggio 01, 2018
EinddatumDicembre 31, 2020
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Back to business, $50k all day.
Yet again, #Bitcoin reclaims the $50K region as volume picks up. #Alts largely in green 💚

The gas fee for completing transactions on #BSC has been extremely cheap and affordable with an average gas price of 16.5 GWEI. In addition to these cheap transactions, they continue to receive almost instant confirmations; saving time and cost.

Selon @glassnode, 3,3M de #Bitcoin ou 17,87% de l'offre en circulation n'ont pas été déplacées depuis plus de 7 ans!

Si ça c'est pas beau, un exemple à suivre!

#Influencer #marketing (IM) is when companies partner with influencers to increase #brand awareness or conversions among a specific target audience.

According to a report, 89% of businesses say ROI from IM is better than other #marketing channels.


🚨🔐 W-2: Transaction Password Insurance 🔐🚨

⏱ You only have 2 weeks left to subscribe to the last insurance set up by the SaTT team !

⚠️ Before subscribing to the insurance, please read our :
- EN guide : https://t.me/SaTTAnnouncements/31
- FR guide : https://t.me/SaTTannonces/72

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Prijs1 SaTT = 0.42 USD verkoop118,000,000 BetaalmethodeETH, BTC, Fiat
minimale investeringN.V.T. distributie28.10% opgehevenN.V.T.
Zachte cap7,560,000 USD moeilijk Cap49,560,000 USD
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