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BegindatumGennaio 01, 2019
EinddatumDicembre 31, 2020
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Full-Stack Developer & Project Manager

The development of new technologies such as blockchain and custom cryptocurrencies has become an answer to how we protect ourselves and give each other space to share our opinions and choices more freely.

Wat denk je?


MintMe can provide women around the world with an avenue of real income, being able to become token creators and participate in a growing sector such as Blockchain technology and crypto trading.


Custom cryptocurrencies are for everyone! there are no limitations to what a person can do despite their social status, their position, their capital, and of course their gender.


Tokens at MintMe are not securities, but when a person becomes a token creator he can offer people gifts attached to the tokens their clients-supporters buy from them, as well as offer goods and services through the tokens they create.


By creating their own digital coins any organization or individual can get started in their own
project, entering a new world of opportunities, allowing people from all over the world to reach out to them having the chance to earn something back.


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Prijs0.0100 USD verkoop320,000,000 BetaalmethodeBTC, ETH, XMR
minimale investering1 USD distributie58.7% opgehevenN.V.T.
Zachte cap200,000 USD moeilijk Cap3,000,000 USD
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